Contacting Rassouli Art Studio

Publishers:To consider the use of artworks or commission works to use in publications and book covers.

Writers, musicians, poets and other artists: To use visual images for books, album covers, periodicals and other publications.

Collectors and art buyers: For more information about the availability and prices of the original, send email to info@Rassouli.com

Art lovers and artists: To enjoy and forward the information and images to others for their viewing and enjoyment.

Sharing artworks: You are welcome to forward images or post them on your personal web sites free of charge on the condition of giving credit to the artist and a link to https://rassouli.com

More information on Rassouli's paintings, books, and art classes can be found online at the following sites:
Oficial website of Rassouli  -   www.Rassouli.com

Artworks, books, and retreats   -   www.AvatarFineArts.com

Goddesses and Angels  -   www.NewDawnCollections.com

Fusionart  Movement   -    www.FusionartInternational.com
ADDRESS: 4642 Louise Ave.  Encino, California  91316  USA
Tel:  (818) 995-0726 (no text message please)
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